Plant Vigra Reviews

The term break prior to our last semester in college had started. My Spanish girlfriend, a history student had been doing her research on the confluence of  Islamic and European cultures. I was a student of music and mathematics. Together, we had  chalked out a seven day vacation to Morocco, Casablanca to start with. While the trip was basically intended to help her gain some practical exposure , for me the attraction was the  Andalusian classical music that is found throughout North Africa with Morocco being the home. Of course, that we wanted to be together topped all criteria!


However,  whatever might have been the the reason, we could never have imagined in our wildest dreams the zenith of ecstasy that one can experience until we landed in Morocco.

Music, culture,art, paintings. sculpture,  Morocco’s rich history in general was all too fascinating!  It was interesting to see the colorful multilingual people  speaking Arabic,Berber, English French and Spanish  and how they would  juggle the different languages in their speech .

However, there was something that we discovered which was by far the very highlight of our trip. In fact,in the last two days,  we just had to cancelled all our plans of going out and instead confine ourselves to the cozy  Casablanca hotel room which overlooked the Atlantic Ocean.

On the second last day, while walking through the Moroccan market filled with spices and herbal products, the variety had triggered my curiosity. I learnt of the Yohimbe bark which had been used for centuries in some western African nations for sexual enhancement. It was a kind or evergreen tree growing in Africa whose unique health care action had been recognized for over 70 years .

Even though my sex life was rocking, yet I wanted to catapult it to a higher level!  I learnt that the Yohimbe bark was purely natural. It was reported to contain up to 6% total alkaloids, 10-15% of which was  yohimbine. In other words, a small percentage of a chemical called yohimbine is found in the bark of the yohimbe tree. Upon further enquiry in my broken french, I learnt that in today’s day and age this is available in the form of a pill called ‘Plant Vigra’ which was readily available online as well.

When we retired to our room, within fifteen minutes of consuming the performance maximiser ‘Plant Viagra’, I was geared on to higher octane energy levels than my usual. Not that we’d be having sex for the first time; but  my girlfriend knowing  very well the effect the pill was having on me, she could feel the steaming erotic flame that I was consumed in and yet seeing me composed, contained with all my amorous ardour for her, just turned her on like crazy! It was one hell of a wild erotic night!

In fact, one of the main ingredients in Plant Vigra is Yohimbe bark, Yohimbe bark (in Plant Vigra) is a sexual enhancer is often thought of for male erectile function.

However, during the series of our marathon love making sessions, we realized deeper and more subtle insights. Most people don’t realize that yohimbe is also a sexual stimulant in women. Women like the enhanced sensation and engorgement of genitals as long as the dose is kept low.

Surprise of surprises,  towards the end of our  stay,after a hot  lovemaking session my lady revealed the real reason for wanting to be in Casablanca with me. She had watched the famous movie by the same name and wanted to experience the thrill and romance of being with her man in Casablanca.

What followed next was not just history , but legendary!  I turned on the jukebox. There was Bertie Higgins singing Casablanca. His mellow husky voice swallowed the room creating an ambience found only in fantasy books! It was a perfect setting,  with emotions running high and charged like never before, the long lasting effect of ‘Plant Viagra’ just boosted our take off to a greater height!

We made love, so passionate, that I, for the first time, in all my primitive man’s  rawness experienced the aesthetic divinity with which the love blossomed between us! I was a hot knife and she a melting butter that sizzled with every move and touch of mine.

Morocco is known for it’s spices and it sure did spice up our lives during our brief stay.  We got to know, understand and bond in each other at a spiritual level through a physical union!

Thanks to the Plant Viagra, which opened my eyes to my latent potential and also made me realize that this Spanish bonita whom I had been dating for the last three years  was my so called ‘Perfect Match’ !


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